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It wouldnt be a complete Package if I didn't have the Right Ride!
Back in 2013 I purchased and restored this Beauty! A 1966 Cadillac Coupe De Ville! She's 21 feet long in Body style with the Original 429 Engine!  Make this Car Cruise like a Dream!  She is all decked out with a Gold 56' Vintage Mic on the Hood, Gold Metal Flake Bumper and Plenty of Elvis Memorbillia throughout the Interior too!  She is almost always Parked along side me when Im' Performing at our Out Door and Indoor Summer Events, and is always available for ride alongs, Weddings, Grad Ceremonies, Car Shows etc!  If you see me on the Freeway... Honk! Iv'e always got one hand ready to wave back! Thank you... Thank You Very Much!  Call: 604.793.8367 To Book The Caddy for your Special Event!

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