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The Gospel Concert

Elvis Presley was first and foremost a Gospel singer. He grew up in the deep south where Gospel music was heard in every church.


It was the soul of the south and was the precursor to rock & roll. Elvis won his Grammy awards for his gospel songs which were his roots. No other Awards Given for His other Material.


 “It’s a different side of Elvis we’re taking to People right now, we’re bringing the Gospel side of Elvis.”


“There was a lot of emotion in those songs for him,” said Elliott. Elvis Presley loved gospel music and would play far into the night at Graceland and stated his voice was a gift from God.


The Gospel Concert is usually around Easter and our Biggest is Christmas as people anticipate those

sacred songs along with a little Tradional "Elvis Style" gestures and Hand Clapping!


"I am Happy to Share my personal Faith in Christ Jesus through Song... I believe we are carrying on a Legacy, a Ministry if you will... that Tells the Greatest Story ever told to Man that solidifies in us

 an internal Peace... sung through the Music

the Wonderful Good News Story" ( Elliott )


The Concert consists of over 2 hrs of Sacred and Inspirational songs that will inspire You and your Family.


Be sure to check our " Up Coming Performances " Schedule for a Concert Listing near You!




















                                                         Steve Elliott


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